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Bitfarms, which is one of the biggest BTC mining farms in the world, plans to set up a crypto mining data center in Argentina. The facility will be its largest one thus far. According to the announcement, part of the reason why the Canadian firm picked Argentina was its favorable climate. The company projects that it will generate over $650 million in mining revenues during its stay in the nation.

Details of the Argentinian Operation

Bitfarms is a publicly traded company that is based in Quebec. The Argentinian project will have a capacity of up to 210 megawatts. Bitfarms revealed…

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Riot Blockchain recently announced that it had bought a Bitcoin mining facility. The Whinstone US Inc. facility is the largest BTC mining facility in the US. Riot Blockchain bought the facility from Northern Data AG, a rival in the BTC mining world.

Details of the Purchase

As part of the purchase, Riot Blockchain will pay $80 million in cash. It will also pay another $571 million in common stock. In total, the company will pay $651 million for the mining facility. With the purchase, Riot Blockchain will become the largest publicly-listed blockchain mining farm in the world.

What the Leadership…

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Chia, the “proof of space” crypto coin is set to launch soon. The crypto coin was created by BitTorrent’s founder Bram Cohen. It utilizes a unique consensus algorithm that mines crypto based on storage space. According to its founder, it will offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to Bitcoin mining, which is believed to have a huge impact on the environment.

Impact of Chia

Thus far, the imminent launch of Chia has sparked a hard drive shortage in SE Asia. The Chia (XCH) crypto coin will be mined using a high-capacity storage drive. Plans are for the coin to launch on May…

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There has been growing interest in Bitcoin globally. As interest in the leading crypto has grown, so has the process of mining crypto. Today, numerous people and firms are making serious investments in BTC mining. A good chunk of those people and firms are located in China.

Study Links BTC Mining to Climate Change

China is a leader in crypto mining globally. Consequently, there has been fear that BTC mining in China could have adverse climate change effects. Recently, Chinese researchers published a study, which serves as a warning of the link between BTC mining and the nation’s goal of…

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Argo, a crypto mining company, recently revealed that it had signed a contract for the development of a crypto mining facility. According to the press release, Argo Blockchain will develop the facility in partnership with Navier, a specialist designer, and builder of crypto mining farms. The new facility will be developed in Helios, Texas.

Details of the Mining Facility

The new mining facility will have a capacity of up to 200 megawatts. As part of the agreement, Navier will offer consultancy services for the design and building of the facility. …

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Bitmain Technologies, the BTC mining firm, is being investigated by Taiwanese authorities for running illegal research and development centers in the nation. The authorities are accusing the Chinese BTC mining firm of illegally poaching over 100 Taiwanese engineers. Other Chinese tech firms are also being investigated for poaching Taiwan’s tech talent.

Details of the Investigation

Bitmain Technologies is alleged to have illegally poached around 100 tech engineers. The company is said to have engaged in the practice to speed up the development of proprietary AI-powered chips. According to a Japanese media publication, prosecutors in Taiwan launched an investigation at several…

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Ebang, a publicly-traded Chinese firm that makes crypto mining rigs, was recently accused of fraud. According to a report by Hindenburg Research, the company has been engaging in several unsavory activities that include inflating the sales of its mining rigs. Besides that, the company was accused of inflating its crypto trading volumes.

Details of the Report

Ebang is one of two Chinese crypto mining rig manufacturers that are publicly traded in the US. The other is Canaan Creative. On the day of the release of the report, Ebang shares dropped by 17% from the previous day’s closing price. …

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Crypto mining, especially Bitcoin mining, is turning into a global phenomenon. Today, BTC mining has reached all corners of the globe, including the Arctic. The rise of crypto mining globally has presented both challenges and opportunities globally.

Opportunities and Challenges in Crypto Mining

One of the challenges that have resulted from the global surge in crypto mining is a global chip shortage that hit all parts of the world. However, the early adopters of Bitcoin have been doing quite well. …

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Texas is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for BTC mining operations in the US. One of the firms that have taken steps to set up a facility in Texas is Argo Blockchain. The company recently bought 320 acres of land in West Texas. Argo plans to use the land to create a BTC mining facility, which will run on renewable energy.

An Overview of the Texas BTC Mining Sector

Besides Argo, various other firms in the BTC mining sector have been moving their operations to Texas. One of them is Bit Digital. The firm, which has most…

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Marathon Digital Holding Inc. recently announced plans to launch a BTC mining pool in North America. According to a statement by the company, the pool will comply with all US laws.

Details of the Announcement

The company stated that it would comply with US AML and KYC laws. Besides that, it would comply with the rules of the Office of Foreign Asset Control. Marathon said that it would ensure transactions that were processed via the mining pool would company will all legal requirements. To achieve this, the firm would utilize “Blockseer pool technology.” …

ORTA Mine Fund

ORTA Mine Fund, the full name of OMF issued by the United States foundation of ORTA Mine Foundation, is a blockchain fund for bitcoin mines around the world.

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